“I wanted to thank you for the referral to CreditGuard. We have used other services and CreditGuard has been a top-notch service. We had an incident show up on our account a month ago and when I called to follow up the representative Sharlene was so helpful and made sure we understood everything about our incident and followed up with an email with helpful hints on how to protect our identity.- Robin M.


It is beyond my best expectations. I used it today and I have to tell you it was everything you said it was and more. I had a tooth infection, I called Teladoc and in less than 5 minutes a doctor called, in 1 hour I picked up a script. UNREAL! Going to tell everyone I know how awesome this program is. Thank you, Thank you so much.
– Greg J., CA


Doctors Online is one of my favorite benefits. It allows you to email a specialist on any topic. Just in the past month I have asked the e-Dietician about the Paleo diet. I have talked with the e-Psych about trouble sleeping. I asked the e-Doc for advice on a bug bite on my leg, and even sent a photo to help his diagnosis. You get an answer from a reliable source and don’t have to do your own research online.
– Kendall E., TX



We saved $1,042, which is 25% off, on the cost of our daughter’s braces at a major chain. WOW!

- Carolyn H. TX


Today my wife was discharged from the hospital after extensive surgery. When I went down to Walgreens in the hospital to pick up her prescription, I found out the cost was going to be $974.94 for a thirty-day supply. I then gave them my discount card and asked them to the re-price the prescription using the discount drug benefit. The price came back at $364! Wow! Was I ever pleased.
– John M.


“Two weeks after receiving my discount card I had a dental emergency. With the Dental Discount Card, I was able to locate a provider very close to my office. The emergency I experienced required I have one tooth capped and another one filled. The discount card saved me $200.”- Wood S., CA


“I was at work not feeling well but didn’t want to leave work. So, I decided to call Teladoc. It was a wonderful experience! The doctor called me back within 30 minutes. I spoke with him for about 15 minutes and he wrote me a prescription that I was able to pick up on my way home from work at my pharmacy! It was very convenient. Teladoc saved me money and I didn’t have to miss time from work.” – Ann, USA


“By using the Vision Discount Card, I saved nearly half of the total expense for my prescription eyeglasses. The eye exam fee plus the cost of two pairs of frames and lenses totaled nearly $600. With the discount program, my total was less than $350. Basically, I was able to get the second pair of glasses for free” – Darryll L., MO

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